Something Different. by Dario Branco

Today I wasn't expecting to write anything. To be honest, I didn't want to write for a while. Somehow, out of the blue, i had to.

Last week as not been easy. I been dealing with a family issue. My sister and i had to make a decision for the well being of our mother. It was a hard decision but it had to be made. It is going to take a while until things will be better. Although at the end of this post you might think that i am treating this issue as not as important, believe when i say, i chose not to develop it more.


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New York - The Photos by Dario Branco

On my previous posts about New York, I mention several times that I wanted to do specific photos in specific places.

I know they are very cliché. That didn't stop me from doing them. My goal was to have two or three photos I could print, framed them and start conversations about it when I have friends at my home. Besides those places the ones, i enjoyed the most were taken on the streets. 

None of them ended up as I intended them to be.

Without further a due

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