Tour du mont blanc - the Begining / by Dario Branco

Eleven days, three countries, 170km, more than 10km altitude gain and amazing views. This is what the Tour du Mont Blanc is about.

I have been “planning” this adventure for six years. My interest started when i saw a National Geographic article about some of the most beautiful trails in the world. This also happen not long after i came back from Longyearbyen where i spent four days on a job “hiking” which peaked my interest about it.

At that time i remembered thinking this would be a easy hike to do. Just go around the Mont Blanc, how hard could it be? Yeap. I was dumb. At that time i only saw photos and did not do any kind of research. But it got stuck in my mind and every year since than i would revisited the article and talk about it with friends trying to get someone to do it with.

Finally, in 2018, while visiting my friend Alex in Switzerland i talked about it with him and it was decided that we would do it. We just needed to figure out when. It was only at this time that i started to do much more research and realized that it is not as easy as i first thought. If i had gone when i first saw it without any preparation it would be a terrible experience.

Now back home and well rested is time to write what i have learned before, during and things i would do differently.

So get ready friends because there will be a lot of information coming.