Being Stronger in 2019 / by Dario Branco

Yeap is that time of the year that everyone looks back and talks about how their year was.

I am more or less going to be doing the same but not in the way you think. For a while now I have been finding things online that I identify with and that motivated me to have a better year.

First, 2018 was a year of professional and personal growth. As it has been for the last four years. Still doing and learning from mistakes. With that in mind, something that I want to be is to be mentally healthy. Not that I feel I am depressed but sometimes I do feel sad, not motivated and not confident

A few months ago I was listening to Joe Rogan podcast with Tyson Fury, world boxing champion that suffered from depression and was suicidal a few years ago. The way he describes how he managed to come from deep darkness in his life is very inspirational and an eye-opening about what goes inside our head.

Here is a “small” clip from that talk.

One more video that opened my eye to this problem, was again on another fighting show. Often I compare and think about how can someone successful like them suffer in their life and what I am going through as well.

I beg you, if you are struggling with anything and you feel you have no hope, to watch these two videos.

My wish for 2019 is for you to be a stronger and better person.

I know I am thanks to Joe Rogans, Mel Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk inspirational Instagram and of course, all the amazing photographers around the world that make me get better and meet new places around the world. Is because of all of you that I am doing what I love doing and pushing through all the boring days.

For my goodbye to 2018 here is another youtube clip that every time i am feeling like shit and demotivated I remember and keeps me going.

Next time i get in touch with you it will be all about Japan baby. Good?