Phi Phi Island / by Dario Branco

Happy New Year friends. Hope 2018 will be an amazing year for you all.

With that out of the way is time to finish writing about my trip to Thailand. I will be writing today about Phi Phi island and latter about Bangkok.

There is not a lot to talk about Phi Phi Island. Is a touristic shit show. From all the places I went this was the one I liked the least. Too crowded, too noisy and not a lot to see. 

Even when I was on my way to the island on the ferry I could tell that it was going to be hard to enjoy this place.


I knew that this is a very popular place and that there are parties almost everywhere. Since I arrived at my hostel to the moment I left it was hard to have a few minutes of rest. There was either a party on the neighbor bars or there was a pool party on my hostel. NON STOP. The two times I went up the hill to check out the view of the island I could hear the music from the hostel. Now imagine "sleeping" on it. 


It was bad planning on my part, but if quiet and rest that you want don't stay on Ibiza Hostel. I should have known better with a name like this.

I ended up meeting with a Portuguese couple that I meet in Chiang Mai and they told me that where they were staying was surprisingly quiet.

Eventually, I was able to find something more than bars, restaurants, and street vendors. 


After the first night, i felt I had seen everything on the island. Since I had one more day I decided to book a tour to Maya Bay. Is hard to not book one since almost every place is selling it. The only thing I knew about Maya Bay was that it is a crowded place during the afternoon. I had to make an effort but i managed to go before sunrise. As you can imagine i didn't sleep very well but it was worth it. 


The tour started by going to the bay where the movie The Beach was filmed. Even going in the morning there were more than enough people on the beach but I imagine a lot less than during the afternoon. These are the moments when I feel I am not a normal tourist because while everyone is moving away from the boats and moving towards the beach, I am staying behind and photographing the long boat riders. 


I didn't want to stop photographing the riders and I had to remind myself that I am also a tourist and that I am in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with taking a selfie and share it with everyone.


After almost two hours on the beach it was time for more snorkel and then we went to Pileh Lagoon for some relaxing swimming. This is probably the most beautiful place I been while on this tour. Maya Bay is amazing but Pileh Lagoon is something else. 


The tour ended in one of the monkey beaches. Beware with the monkeys because they will steal your backpacks and everything else they think is food. Also, try not to touch them because they will attack you. If you get scratched or bitten don't complain.


In the afternoon all I did was walk around, have some extremely spicy Thai food and climb all the way to the viewpoint again hoping for a cool sunset but all I got was rain. I got the same shoot as everyone else but I enjoyed the 30min walk. 


In the end, I can't say that my visit to Phi Phi island was a bad experience because I felt good while I was there but it wasn't my favorite place. If your goal is to go and be partying all the time then yes, amazing placing. If you want to relax be sure to find a quiet place and run away from Ibiza Hostel.