Two videos that made me think about traveling and photographing. / by Dario Branco

A few months ago I saw this video from Brendan Von Son.

Although I hate the presentation, it shows two kinds of photography travelers. I believe I fit on the first kind.

At this moment in my life, I am traveling and spending my money, getting in return only experiences. I don't see myself going full-time traveler anytime soon. Right now, when I am traveling, I want to focus on my own projects and my own vision. I want to go where I want, no schedules, no meetings, no deadlines. Maybe I am too lazy to deal with all the behind the scenes stuff. When I travel, I am traveling to get away from having people telling me what to do.

Would I like one day to be able to make a living only from traveling? I would lie if I say I wouldn't. If I am ever able to do it it will be amazing. I do want to give it a try somehow. Eventually, i will sell prints and make available my photos in some stock image website.

If I am never able to do it, I will keep doing my own thing and not stress about it. 

There are a lot of, let's call them, professional travelers. In my opinion, some of them make it sound too easy. Anyone can do it for sure as long as the time is put in planning and setting up everything. Don't thinkI am talking shit about them. I am not. I am expressing the feeling that sometimes reading from those travelers might give the false sense that traveling and make a living out of it is easy. With that said I will share a few that I like to follow from time to time.

Nomadic Matt
Chris Guillebeu
Elia Locardi

I am not an expert. Far from it. I talk from what it works for me and what my feelings are. There is no right answer if you ask me. I follow the path I think is right for me and hope to learn in the meantime. 

To finish I want to share one video from Mark Wallace where he talks about his traveling experience.