2017 / by Dario Branco

First of all Merry Christmas to you all.

Second is time to reflect a bit of what happened in 2017.

As always there were ups and downs. Looking back this was my best year ever, not only in a professional level but in a personal one as well. I was able to accomplish what i set up to do. There were a few setbacks in between but in the end, i feel fulfilled. 


You must know by now that one of "goals" is to travel at least once a year to a new place. EIther go on a photographic trip, like Cinque Terre or just for vacations, Thailand. I made a promise to myself that i would try as hard as i could to go to both places. There were times i was not sure i was going to be able to do it. For 2018 i already booked the flight to Switzerland and i am deciding if i am going to Cuba, back again to Southeast Asia or Namimbia. The front-runner is Cuba. The crazy thing is that i already know that i want to go, and will be going to Chile in 2019.


I am also proud of traveling more in Portugal. Mostly to do photography but i always felt that i need to get to know Portugal a lot better. For sure i will continue to do it moving forward. Probably next month i will be having another adventure in Algarve.


Finishing the 365 Project was one of most creative and at times challenging things i have done. True, i didn't take a photo every day for one year but that was not the point. The point was to start and finish a project. It kept me occupied when i had nothing to do, which was not that often, and most importantly kept me focused. I will be talking more about it after i finish talking about Thailand.

In Thailand, i started an old project i had written a few years ago when i first moved to Lisbon. If you been following me in Instagram you know while i was in photographing strangers and printing their portraits on the spot and giving it. This is an idea i had for a long time and i am now able and willing to do.


One of the things that allowed me to make my life more comfortable was to raise my daily budget when i got hired. Not a lot but enough to make a difference. Not that it is important but this also allowed me to buy some gear i needed/wanted and still be able to buy food. And the most important thing, experience a lot of things for the first time. It helped having a system to save the money. As always i have to be more disciplined when buying impulsively. I am getting much better though.

I am glad to say that after a few months my mother is doing much better and that everything is more or less on point. During this time i learned a few things about myself and about a few persons close to me. Some very positive. Others not so much.

20171224_DBC2059 copy.jpg

Overall i can't complain. When i look back i am doing something i am passionate about, going to new and amazing places in the world, experience things for the first time and having no regrets, trying and learning new things, like solving a Rubik's cube in less than four minutes. Not very useful but something i wanted to be able to do. There are things i still want to overcome, not change, about myself but i always look on the positive side of things and i learned that i don't have to change my beliefs or my character to please everyone.

To finish i want to leave with a video that made a huge impact on me last few months of 2017 and hopefully it will inspire you for 2018.

With that Happy New Year.