Introduction / by Dario Branco

Hello Friends.

Welcome you to my new and, hopefully, the last blog on the internet.

Finally, i have a place where i can have my personal and commissioned work all together, as well as a place to share ideas. It all came about in 2015 while planning a trip to Iceland. I wanted everything to be connected: Theme, Photos, Design and Blog. That is why i chose to name the website, The Road Rider.

I don't know about you, for me the name has a connection with traveling around and experience it.

Full disclaimer, i don't have a car or even drive. There are other ways to ride trough this world. Taking photos is an organic and natural activity for me. I am combining the useful to the pleasurable.

For now, it is a bit messy with all my personal and commissioned work but over time i do want to show only my personal work, maybe open an online gallery where people will buy some prints, shirts, maybe write a photography book. Who knows?! Having a few projects in mind is never a bad thing.

It is apparent that i am using it also to promote my commissioned work for current and future clients. By all means, if you are of them lets get in touch.

Such a good looking fella!

Now i will get a bit personal so please have a patience.

Last few years have been somewhat emotional hard for me. I will not go into details. Suffice to say that i made a decision to surround myself and have experiences with people that make me feel good. The toxic and negative people are gone for the most part. I do not believe that someone has to give their best and expect nothing in return. That is draining, stressful and in the end, painful.

I don't have a lot of friends, nor do i need them. What i know is that i can trust the ones i have and i don't need to pretend to be someone i am not and kiss ass. It took me some time to figure out who they are.

This will be the only time that i will tell you what to do with your life: Cut all the negative and toxic people in your life.

I decided when i created this blog to make a point to let everyone know: I am not a life coach. I tried once, on an old blog, to tell people how to live their life and after a while, i gave up on it. I tried to convince myself that i was enjoying it and it was mostly for me. Now i know it was anything but.

Be ready to be my partner on this ride. I will share what i know whenever i can, the best way i can, about Photography and Travel. It will be a very narcissistic blog because i rather have you watching, listening and reading my experiences and decide for yourself if you agree how i did it, than having me telling you how you should do something. There is so much i have to learn as well. Whenever you don't agree or you have a better way to do something, please comment or send an email. I want to share and to learn.

The last point i want to make is that, and you may found this strange or dumb, i don't have a bigger Life goal. I learned that every time i had some kind of goal i would put so much pressure on myself that when i quit or for some reasons outside of my control it wouldn't work, i felt like a loser and underachiever. Right now i feel more relaxed, happier and more spontaneous. Do i have ambitions? Hell yes, i do. I am not spending time and effort here for nothing. Instead of going against the flow, i am riding with it where ever it goes.

This will be the only time i will post about something personal or what this blog is about. From this day forward it will be only about Photography and Traveling.

With that out of the way, i don't know how often i will publish something. If i have something relevant to share i will make sure to share it. Next few months should be quite active here. There is one personal project i am working on right now that is giving me a lot of pleasure.

I hope you decide to stick around and enjoy the ride.

PS: To my Portuguese friends. The reason i am writing in English is because i want to achieve Global Domination.