Why is the website "called" The Road Rider?

In 2015 i had an idea to create a blog about traveling and travel photography. I was planning a trip to Iceland back then, a road trip to be more specific, and it came to me that i could go anywhere, anytime by going on road trips. Granted, i do not drive but there are other ways to get around. Finally, i was able to create this place on the internet that will allow me to show the amazing places i have been and share my feelings. 

Why should take a look?

I am mostly an event and editorial photographer. Any project you have regarding  advertising or commercial, social media, brand activation or corporate portraiture i am your man. With that said my goal is to slowly transform this website into a Landscape and Travel website. As you will see i am a man of all trades and i want to focus mostly on those two types of photography. Don't get me wrong. I love doing all the others but i learned that what lights my brain is planning a trip, going somewhere new and explore. It doesn't matter if it is in a big city or in the middle of nowhere. If you are a someone that shares those feelings then, by all means, take a look and give me your feedback.

What will you see here?

For now a full view of my work and my personal work. I shoot everything from Products to Models, Landscapes to Portraits. Some days i am even a Filmmaker. If i had to choose, i would only film documentaries. A man as to pay the rent somehow and find a way to save money for the trips right?

And finally who am i?

I am a quiet hard working dude, based in Lisbon, Portugal, trying to do what he loves to do. Don't want to sound too cheesy, but i will go at least once a year to a place i have never been before. Capturing moments and emotions in time that hopefully will make someone else happy and be inspired to create. 



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